Monday, March 06, 2006

Elective Monarchy

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Drafted up as a motion to Lib Dem Conference...

Elective monarchy
Conference notes:
1. That all four countries of the United Kingdom have ancient traditions of elective monarchy.
2. That the Act of Succession (1707) establishes that monarchs rule only by consent of the people
3. That each new monarch requires a new grant of that consent through the procedureof acclaim at Coronation.
Conference believes:
1. That acclaim is an outdated and undemocratic means of establishing popular consent.
2. That popular consent to constitutional change is best determined through referendum.
Conference calls for:
1. At the end of a monarch's reign, a referendum should be held, prior to the coronation, on the single, yes/no question of whether the heir in the line of succession should assume the throne. If the heir is rejected, then a second referendum should be held offering alternative candidates for monarch, and also several types of republic. This election should be counted by the Alternative Vote.
2. Procedures should be established in advance for nominating candidates for monarch (including members of the Royal Family) and for deciding which republican options should be offered to the public.
3. The heir to the throne should act as head of state with the title of Prince(ss) of Wales until the referendum(s) are completed and a new Head of State (whether monarch or president) is in place.

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